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Our Porta-Lisa Special Events Trailer has two elegant stations and is perfect for any small to medium size event.

It features spacious, separate restrooms, each with their own private entrance. Inside, guests will appreciate tasteful interior finishes, flushing china toilets, sinks with running water, full vanities, and powered vents.

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Special Event Trailer, the Porta-Lisa from Shea's Outhouse Service, Inc.

Porta-Lisa features:

  • Porcelain flushing toilets
  • Water-free urinal
  • On board fresh water tank
  • On-demand water pump
  • Powered exhaust fans
  • Full size battery back up
  • Occupied/unoccupied lights
  • 20-amp power cords
  • Stainless sinks
  • Laminate counters
  • H/D vinyl flooring
  • Water heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Heat
  • AM/FM CD player with I-pod connect
  • "Super Chute" integrated trash systems
  • Locked/secure cabinets
  • Paper products
  • Compact 8' x 12' unit


Porta-Lisa Station is a compact 8' x 12' unit

Porta-Lisa Special Events Trailer interior

Porta-Lisa Special Events Trailer interior


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